be-better-loverOne of the ways to define a better lover is by their ability to please their partner in bed.

As an individual experiment and acquires practical experience in the sexual world, their potential will rise or fall. Nevertheless, the proper techniques are required to be a better lover for your woman, and this guide will surely address that.

A better lover is forged from the fires of passion and on the anvil of experience. No woman wants a man that performs like a lame duck in bed, but a stallion.

The woman’s body differs from the man’s body in the sense that they require a certain measure of touch and pleasure. A man void of skills and knowledge or a less sexual educated man only heighten his chances of a lonely night.

The importance of having knowledge and skills will make you a better lover and also increases intimacy in your relationship. The proper methods will increase her stimulation and interest in your abilities as her man.

They three key things that can make you the best man for your woman are based on this three top point:

  • Communication
  • Contentment and
  • Intimacy

Moreover, nowadays there is a need to ensure that your partner enjoys herself in bed. Here are some ways to make sure of that,

  1. Engage in enough foreplay. Most women enjoy engaging in foreplay because it is required for them to be able to climax. And once she’s able to climax you should know that you are doing great. Meanwhile, this will help increase intimacy in your relationship.
  2. Be clean. A guy with an awful hygiene is a no-go area for women. Your women can get quickly turned off if you don’t smell great; some guys have a hard time taking good care of themselves.

    If you want to be a better lover, you will have to stay clear of things that can serve as a complete turn off to your woman. However, you need to make sure you are on top of your game when it comes to hygiene both before and after sexual activities.

  3. Ensure she know you want her. Few of the things that get a woman aroused is telling her how much you want her. Make her see it in every part of you that you want her. You should establish an emotional bond between both of you and to make sure you are both on the same page.

    You need to talk about your opinions about the art of lovemaking, you should understand what both of you want and what you both enjoy during sex. You don’t have to guess if she maybe likes getting spanked during sex, you can talk about it so that when you have sex she gets to enjoy every moment. This is something you should always do so as to create a healthy intimacy between both of you.

  4. romanceYou need to be aware that one of the prominent aspects of making love is not touching. The emotional bond and the feeling of love you have for one another is stronger than love making. You have to explore all avenues and see what your woman want.

    You can touch each other, but if the feeling of love is absent, all will become dull. Creating a strong emotional bond is what most men do not consider as important in being a better lover. It is the bond that makes for better sex, because if you feel for your partner emotionally and expressing it during sex. This is what will bring about more excitement and increase your senses and hormones during the act of love making.

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