Can You Straighten Your Curved Penis?

penis-curvatureCurvature of the penis, also known as Peyronie’s disease, affects nearly 10% of men worldwide. While this may seem like a small statistic, Peyronie’s disease is no laughing matter for the men who are dealing with it.

In fact, many cases go completely untreated simply because the men affected by it don’t want to talk about it.

A curvature of the penis can be seen by societal standards to be somewhat ‘abnormal’, leading most men to ignore the condition and avoid talking about is as much as possible. However, Peyronie’s disease is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

penis-anatomyWhy Does It Happen?

A penis curvature can occur from one of two ways. Most commonly it is becaus of a certain kind of plaque under the skin of the penis that affects scar tissue.

Some men, however, simply have a naturally-bent penis which is not considered a defect or deformity of any kind, but it can have the same negative effects as the buildup of plaque. If you struggle with either of these issues, causing a curved penis, there is help available to fix it.

Should I Straighten It?

Do you want to straighten your curved penis?

Well, the choice is very obviously yours. Some men go their entire lives with it, and learn not only to live with it, but to adapt to it when it comes to their day-to-day lives, including urinating, position, and even sex.

Unfortunately, this is a case-to-case scenario, and every man will want to handle it differently. If you are completely comfortable with the shape and size of your penis, and it doesn’t cause any problems in your daily life, you can continue to live comfortably.

Peyronies-DiseaseHowever, the Peyronie’s disease can be a problem.

Not only can a curved penis affect your sex life, but it can affect your entire life, and your comfort.

With Peyronie’s disease, the plaque buildup causing your penis to curve a certain way can sometimes build so much, that it causes a flaccid penis to be ‘pushed up’, or appear somewhat erect. It can even cause an erect penis to be pushed to one side, and this can be painful in either situation.

Of course, as stated above, if an erect penis is being forced a certain way by scar tissue and plaque, sexual intercourse can be uncomfortable, and in some cases, painful.

Getting Things Straight…

For years, the only way fot penis straightening was through an invasive surgery.

However, doctors quickly found that the side effects to these surgeries were extremely risky and dangerous, ranging from loss of feeling in the penis, to infection, or complete loss of sexual function.

Once these side effects were discovered, these surgeries became exceedingly less popular. While still available today, these surgeries should be considered nothing more than a complete last resort for Peyronie’s disease.

Today, there is truly only one safe and effective way to cure a curved penis.

It doesn’t involve dangerous drugs or surgery, and it is a discreet way to straighten your penis over time:


Penis stretching.

Penis stretching consists of typically using some kind of device that will straighten and extend your penis over time, by wearing the device every day for a select period of time. In essence, you are ‘training’ your penis to be straight, instead of bent.

Think of it as you would any other part of your body that needed to be moved a certain way. If you ever had braces as a child, it’s the same concept; slowly, every day, slight pulling and stretching is done to move your teeth where they are supposed to be.

Penis stretching is no different, slowly and effectively stretching your penis into a straighter position.

This will make life easier and sex better.

Though, again, penis curvature is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, if you find yourself struggling with pain or discomfort, or even embarrassment from your penis shape and size, there is help available, and it can be done discreetly on a daily basis, with no negative side effects to worry about.

Give penis stretching a try to make life easier once and for all.