How To Properly Use a Penis Stretcher

Nothing is better than a good penis stretcher when it comes to providing the length and size that a guy wants. To get the wanted results, however, there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind when using your medical device. Here is how to use a penis stretcher so that you can get the consistently great results you want!

  • 1-penis-stretcherGet a good quality medical device. You will definitely get the results you pay for when you purchase a cheap device.In order to merge quality and affordability, you’ve got to look for a device that gives you exactly what you need and none of the extras.X4 Labs provides one of the best on the market today because you can get the exact package you want.
  • Get into the right mental state. This is something that you’ll need to work for in order to earn. The rewards will come, but they won’t just happen. You’re about to change your life, but you’ll likely need to change a few things in your life to really get going.
  • Get into the instruction manual. A good penis stretcher is a medical device. You need to follow the instructions carefully to make sure that you’re getting the maximum benefit that can be offered.
  • Get your questions answered. Even if you’ve already ordered your preferred medical device, it’s still fine to ask any questions that may come up during the order process.From correctly putting on the device to making sure you’ve ordered the proper package, good products always come with good customer support.


Set Realistic Expectations For Your Penis Stretcher

You could stretch your penis out to its maximum extent and wear your medical device 24/7, but that’s not actually healthy for your body! If you go outside of your comfort zone, you’ll create more harm than good. Experts advice you set realistic expectations that you can fulfill over the next 16 weeks in terms of actual size and you’ll be much happier… and probably less sore too.

cautionIt’s also important to start slowly instead of diving head-first into 8 hours per day of traction. Keep the tension levels low for the first few days or so just to get used to the feeling.

You’ll probably want to limit the amount of time you’re wearing the device as well to under an hour. Sometimes even a few minutes is all!

Schedule in some rest days here and there as you acclimate to these new experiences and you’ll set yourself up with success.


Make Good Use of All the Comfort Settings You Receive

Traction does tend to feel pretty good once you get used to the experience until your skin begins to rub away thanks to the medical machinery. Do not use a penis stretcher that doesn’t include some sort of comfort device. If you have the tension holders directly on your penis, you will rub yourself raw and likely never complete the experience!

Most importantly, however, above all else, don’t assume anything.

adviceIf you think something is wrong, then it is wrong.

Speak with customer support or your doctor to discuss your concerns so that you don’t experience an unexpected injury.

Be careful, be realistic in your goals, and realize that you won’t see immediate results. When everything is put into careful perspective and all of the instructions are followed, a penis stretcher is an extremely useful tool to help guys achieve their size needs. Why not try one for yourself today?