Penis Stretching Methods and Guidelines

Penis stretching is an option a lot of guys are turning to these days for male enhancement purposes.

Forms of Penis Stretching

There are many forms of penis stretching, from simple to very extreme. Following are some common methods:

  1. Weight Hanging
  2. This is done by attaching a certain amount of weight to the penis and hanging that weight. Clearly the risk factor in this method is great as it is an extreme form of penis stretching.

  1. Penis Extenders
  2. These are extenders specially designed for penis stretching. A penis extender work by attaching it to penis, and after proper adjustment you have to wear it for a specific length of time.

  1. Manual Stretching
  2. Manual stretching is the simplest method and requires only the use of your hands. Basically it involves gentle outstretching the penis, holding it for a few seconds, then releasing and repeating.

    The question is, do these penis stretching techniques work? Read below to find out.

Weight Hanging

While it is possible to stretch a tissue by using this method, the problem is, it is too risky. If you cause harm to your penis, then the whole purpose of this method is defeated. Many guys don’t even consider this method due to the safety risks.

penis-extenderPenis Extenders

Penis extenders work, but the problem is, you have to wear them for a long time, which is irritating. While many guys have reported good results with extenders, the irritating aspect is hard to ignore. There are also various safety concerns and side effects that need to be considered before using them. Finding a reliable extender brand is also important. There are many good brands available in the market, but the problem is still there, many guys don’t feel comfortable wearing them.

Manual Stretching

This is the safest method as you only use your hands and outstretch your penis gently to a controllable and safe degree. But does this method work?

penis-stretching-by-handsIt will certainly work for temporary benefits and within a few minutes your penis will seem considerably longer. For permanent improvement, it is not very effective. The best success a man can achieve with manual hand stretching is by using it along with “jelqing”.

This is another manual exercise that requires you massaging your penis up and down in a controlled and gentle way by alternating your hands repeatedly for several repetitions. After performing jelqs, it is recommended to perform stretching. Performing stretches together with jelqs has been reported to be an effective way to go for guys seeking larger penis size.

Stretching only will have minimal effect for size increases, and the benefit will only be in length, not thickness or girth. But along with jelqing (which works for length as well as girth), stretching can have a better effect for size increase. Therefore, for maximum gain, it is recommended to combine both of these exercises together.

Penis Stretching Guidelines

Following guidelines are for manual stretching methods:

  • Perform a 2 to 3 minute warm up to prepare your erectile muscle for the penis enhancement exercise. Additionally, do a cool down right after the routine stretching.
  • Bear in mind that you have to do these stretching exercises in a flaccid state of the penis to avoid possible penile vein injury.
  • Make sure to stretch the tissues of your penis properly. Stretch and pull the penis without causing pain to it. If you feel pain, stop the stretching exercise immediately to avoid any complications. If you want to restart the exercise, make sure to pull your penis just enough to stretch it.
  • Make certain you don’t grab your penile head while performing the stretching exercise as it is a sensitive part of your penis. Whatever manual stretching exercise you do, avoid pulling or stretching your gland penis. For safety purposes, only perform the stretching an inch below your penile head.
  • As you are stretching your penis to the maximum, it is normal to experience different things like what you feel when you do any physical exercises. You might feel that your penis is swollen and over-fatigue, don’t worry, because these are the indications that you are doing the stretching correctly.
  • For better results, you can always combine other manual stretching exercises with your penis stretching routines. Just be sure that you can take the intensity of those exercises that you want to do along with your penis stretching routines.

No matter what penis stretching method you choose, always make safety your number one priority. The best way to gain is to follow a routine that focuses on both maximum safety as well as results.