first-time-sexWhen we talk about having sex for the first time, if it is the start or a first time to an intimate relationship with a new partner there is always much anxiety and excitement.

Both partners may worry if their partner will find them attractive or not, whether they will be able to please each other or maybe so many things may go wrong.

However, in so many cases things get to work out itself, but as the man you will want to ensure that you are in control and make her have a great sex moment, but following some certain tips which I will be providing in this article will give you a head start and help you get ready for action. These tips will help take away the first time jitters.

Make sure she is ready.

Usually, two partners have a fairly good impression when they are mutually ready for sex, but the woman may not feel as comfortable as you want her to be.

Therefore, jumping in before you are both on board may be detrimental to both of you and even the relationship.

However, it may be more romantic to allow nature have its way, but communication is key.

she-wants-sexPrepare her mind, make sure you are both ready for this because the first impression last for a long time.

It’s always best to talk things through in a considerate and open manner so as to ensure that you are both on the same page.

Meanwhile, some ladies may not prefer the talking aspect they just want some action; that’s why you need to study her and the moment so as to know which way to go.

Sustain reasonable expectations.

Although some men wish it were the other way, sex with a live partner is not much of a wild action often depicted in adult movies. In the movies world, all of that action were acted with the advantage of extra takes and do-overs especially when things go the wrong way.

However, real people especially those who have not yet familiarized with one another’s body well enough will tend to be more or less difficult and inept.

It is best to put on a sense of humor and laugh during moments like this just to keep your partner at ease, rather than letting them become a point of tension in the course of action.

Ensure you use protection.


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Both of you might be clean. You will both want to show a sense of trust, but there are chances of spreading communicable diseases anytime there is intimate contact. Hence, protection is a must for everyone. Except if you are both in a committed relationship, a monogamous relationship in which you are both ready for pregnancy.

Expect the unexpected.

In the heat of the moment, a lot can go wrong. She may not be lubed enough or you may, it all depends on the level of excitement. You may also find out that you are not hard enough to enter, these are some of the awkward moments you might encounter.

The first-time encounter can be so exciting and overwhelming such that you might find it embarrassing seeing yourself going over the edge to get long enough to keep the action going. It is best to take it all with a sense of humor, make it fun, don’t get yourself all locked up in that awkward moment.

penis-hygienePrepare the Penis

To ensure your penis is attractive enough, well-informed and ready for action as soon as it is called into action. Make sure you wash daily because no lady will want to get up close with a smelly and cheesy package which is a major turn off and can ruin the moment. Remove any smegma by washing with a mild soap and rinse with warm water, not hot water because that can do more harm. Moreover, some women enjoy a thick verge of hair, well to be on the safer side you can keep it short and carefully trimmed. This will reduce any risk of unpleasant smells. To ensure you have a remarkable and memorable first-time sex, ensure you follow this tips.