What They Say About Penis Enlargement

clinical_studiesThere’s a lot of talk in the medical field that penis enlargement just isn’t something that can happen. They say that guys are just wasting their time and money by purchasing products that encourage enlargement.

Yet when reviewing clinical studies of medical literature, it was discovered that traction was the most effective method of enlargement available to men today.

The study, which was conducted at the University of Turin, examined existing literature for most major enlargement products available today.

What Did the Research Discover About Penis Enlargement?

What these Italian scientists discovered is that they’ve got it all wrong. Surgery is often the most recommended course of action when it comes to making a penis become bigger, but this study found that surgery was really the worst course of action that a guy could choose to achieve a larger size.

Surgery was even called “dangerous” by the researchers because it carried an “unacceptably high” rate of side effects and complications!

researchSo what did this research say was the best method of enlarging a penis?


Through traction, these researches discovered that guys could achieve an extra 1.7 centimeters in size when fully erect and an average of 2 centimeters when the penis was in the flaccid state.

How can traction be achieved?
There are three key methods that can provide the stretching needed to increase tissue size:

  • Through a medical device. Penis traction devices work to stretch the penile tissues out over a long period of time throughout the day, although there are some products that can even work at night too. By wearing the medical device for 6-8 hours per day, over the course of 16 weeks guys can see results.
  • Through the use of a penis pump. Penis pumps are nice because they can give a guy an instant visual result while also providing a light traction on the tissues as well. Over time, the tissues respond to this new normal, but pumping must occur every day. Too much pressure and an injury could stop all progress!
  • Through exercises. The issue with exercises, however, is that it takes a long time to achieve the visual impact in the size of the penis. There must also be consistency in the exercises to prevent injury and scarring.

So What Is the Best Method Recommended?

The best method of penis enlargement is through the use of a medically approved traction device. They might say that this won’t work, but there’s one simple truth that can’t be ignored: those who say traction doesn’t work haven’t tried it for themselves or worn their device long enough to achieve results.

This study, out of the University of Turin, proves the naysayers wrong!

penis-stretchingIf you want a larger penis, the best method by far is through the use of a good penis stretcher.

If you want to achieve a bigger size, then look at your options today for a good device that fits comfortably, has a reputation for good results, and is surprisingly affordable. That way you have your confidence return!